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Story of Butter Chicken at TAJ

Embark on the fascinating journey of butter chicken, from its humble beginnings as an accidental dish in a small Delhi dhaba to the innovative twist in the recipe at Taj Restaurant and Bar in Dothan, Alabama.  

Indian cuisine is an international phenomenon. A few dishes generally characterize it, but the thousands of recipes from one part of the country to another. The authenticity of a recipe changes when the dish moves from different regions and the chef's creativity. 

Let's delve into the world of butter chicken, a dish that has transcended borders to become a culinary icon in Indian restaurants worldwide. Surprisingly, it was the second most searched Indian dish globally last year, with a staggering 400,000 monthly searches. What is the reason behind its popularity? It has incredible versatility!

Who Invented Butter Chicken?

Well, this is where the dispute starts. Two families claim that it's their legacy, and it's difficult to determine who has the correct account.

Now, let's unravel the mystery of butter chicken's origin. The first tale takes us to Mr. Gujral, who, along with Mr. Jaggi, opened a restaurant in Delhi, India. In an uncommon era of refrigeration, Gujral's innovative spirit led him to experiment with dried chunks of chicken, tomatoes, butter, and a blend of spices, thus giving birth to butter chicken.

Here's the twist: According to Raghav Jaggi, the other version is that Gujral was a great restaurant host, but Jaggi was the man in the kitchen stirring the pot. He came up with butter chicken in Delhi when a big group of refugees came to the restaurant, but he didn't have enough tandoori chicken to feed them all. So, he whipped up the gravy and added tandoori chicken to it, improvising so that the refugees could eat it with naan.

Then there is chicken tikka masala, a close relative of butter chicken that the UK's foreign secretary, Robin Cook, called the British national dish in 2001

TAJ Twist of Butter Chicken?

As Butter Chicken was so close to chicken tikka masala, Taj added the twist and created a butter chicken, which made it different and delicious. 

At Taj, our butter chicken is a unique rendition. It features a higher proportion of onion than tomato, and we use chicken breasts marinated in a blend of yogurt, cream, and spices. The twist at Taj has transformed the chicken pieces into tender, flavorful morsels, giving them a distinct identity and a rich, buttery flavor.  

Spoiler Alert: None of the ready-to-cook masala or packets can match Taj's famous butter chicken flavor, as it is specially crafted.  

Are you craving it now?

Ready to indulge in the unique flavors of butter chicken? Join us every Wednesday for our special lunch offer, featuring our signature butter chicken paired with rice and naan. All this for just $8, and we even serve it with refreshing sweet or unsweetened tea. Don't miss out! 

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