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History of Indian Cuisine

India is a 5000-year-old civilization with a very creative and healthy cuisine History. Back home in India, food and language vary every 50 miles. Each region has its traditions, religions, and culture that influence its food. Due to various migrations, Indian Vedic food has been influenced by Mughal, Greek, Mongolian, Persian, and Chinese cuisine, among others. The common thread throughout the centuries remains the distinct mixing of spices that invariably give Indian cuisine its flavor and aroma.


Various immigrants were attracted to India because of the variety of spices and agriculture in India.

During the Vedic era spices were called Aushadhi means medicine. Different kinds of seasoning were used while cooking different time meals. During the Vedic era, the primary focus was daily nutrition digestion and food energy conversion.

After the Vedic era, the migration era of different cultures, the focus of food moved from health and digestion to flavors. I will call that era the Zayaka Era (The era of flavors). That was the time we started calling spice Masala, which means spice blend.

This blog was the story of the Aushadhi era to the Masala era. Stay tuned to learn more about Indian food and related stories.


My Favourite seasoning is cumin seed.

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I love cooking with Indian spices. It elevates a dish from bland to appetizing. The spices have healing properties too.

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